Velocelot (click to enlarge)

Real Name: McKenney Wildcat

Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: D.E.W.C.L.A.W.
First Appearance: TAILS TO ENTHRALL #18
Personality: Velocelot enjoys the good things in life. She wants money, power and beauty and she wants it all right now. She also enjoys taunting her opponents.
Powers & Tactics: Though she revels in berating do-gooders and showing off her powers, Velocelot will become quickly impatient with tenacious opposition. She’s learned to to use her astonishing speed to quickly and effectively disable her enemies by stunning them with lightning quick cheap-shots to the kidneys or temples, knocking the air out of the lungs, or sending them flying like tenpins on a shockwave of air.


Dr. Sedge Pika was a senior engineer at the Little Hobo Accelerator Laboratory. One night he was having a telephone conversation at home where his teenage son was having some of his ne’er-do-well friends over. One of these friends, a young ocelot named McKenney Wildcat, eavesdropped on Dr Pika’s conversation and misheard that some extremely valuable metals were being removed from the particle accelerator. At her baiting, Pika’s son convinced his father son to have his father give them a tour of the facility the next day.


Dr. Pika gave the teens a brief tour, encouraged by his son’s interest. Wildcat somewhat unsuccessfully cased out the joint while under the supervision of Dr. Pika, and then snuck away at the end of the tour. Determined to come away from the venture with something to sell or at least brag about, she started fooling with the computers. When staff came to investigate the noise she made, Wildcat ran into the accelerator tunnel to hide, but fell and knocked herself out, damaging the equipment in the process.


Shortly thereafter the scientists started up the accelerator for a routine test. Due to the damage Wildcat had done the experiment went afoul and there was a tremendous explosion. Through some unusual circumstances Wildcat had not only survived the explosion but had gained the ability to move at a super-accelerated rate. Wildcat fled the scene and used her powers for personal gain, evading the authorities and even several encounters with Go-Rilla.

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