Tarmadillo (click to enlarge)
Real Name: Harry Longnose
Identity: public (not generally known)
Group Affiliation: D.E.W.C.L.A.W.
First Appearance: (as Harry Longnose) TAILS TO ENTHRALL #4; (as Tarmadillo) THE WORLD WILDLIFE FEDERATION OF JUSTICE #30
Quote: “Raghr! I’ll kill you!”
Personality: Manic-depressive. Psychotic.
Powers & Tactics: In addition to having a seemingly limitless life span, Tarmadillo’s flesh has been infused with unnatural bog mud which puts him in a semi-fluid state at all times. He enjoys overrunning his opponents and consuming them in his sticky bulk (leading to suffocation) but when less lucid he falls back on simple pummelling with his stretchable limbs.




In the 16th century the explorer Ponce de Leo came into possession of a map to the legendary Shrine of St Juventoad and planned an expedition. He hired, among others, the armadillo soldier of fortune Harry Longnose. De Leo’s band survived numerous dangers in the swamp and a secret society defending the shrine but only de Leo and Longnose actually made it inside.


The shrine was rumoured to house an enchanted fountain that would grant the drinker immortality, but when the two adventurers found the statue of St Juventoad with a burbling font Longnose stabbed de Leo in the back and left him to die. Longnose then drank from the fountain. The dying de Leo tried with his last ounce of strength to make it to the fountain, but the brash Longnose grabbed him and threw him onto a brazier. The brazier tipped over and lit Longnose’s own supply of black powder. The resulting explosion collapsed the roof with both explorers inside, and the shrine sank into the swamp.


Centuries later the swamp was drained to make way for agricultural land and the remains of the shrine was uncovered. The petroleum-soaked body of Longnose was recovered and the workers were astonished when the armadillo came alive. Longnose, seeing himself as a monster, went on a rampage of destruction through the swamp and into a neighboring town at which point the World Wildlife Federation of Justice was called in. Defeated and taken into custody by the heroes the creature now known as Tarmadillo became a staple in the supervillain community. He has been an on-again off-again member of D.E.W.C.L.A.W. when the other members are able manage his short temper and fits of mania.

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