Shockatiel (click to enlarge)
Shockatiel (click to enlarge)

Real Name: Powder Downs

Identity: Known
Affiliation: Flock of Evil 
Quote: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of my way.”
Personality: A better follower than a leader, Shockatiel is crass and short-sighted. She thinks the world owes her, and is over-sensitive about the burn marks on her face and body. She is prone to bouts of rage.
Powers & Tactics: Uses her powers rather unimaginatively, leading straight on with her lightning bolts.


Powder Downs was a low level maintenance worker for the New Metro City Centre for Atmospheric Science who always seemed to get the short end of the proverbial stick. Having no real friends or family all she had was her job. Her supervisor considered her to be a layabout, and one stormy night while drunk the boss ordered her to fix an antenna on top of the building. Without protest she trudged to the roof and while working on the antenna a meteor passed above and attracted a lightning bolt. Caught up in the weird discharge Downs was badly burned and knocked unconscious, but when she came to she realized she had tremendous powers. She immediately sought reprisal on her supervisor and proceeded to rob the building and staff of anything remotely valuable. Her crime spree was cut short by the Llamazon and she was incarcerated, though she was later broken out of prison by Death Wattle and recruited into the Flock of Evil.

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