Hypnopotamus (click to enlarge)
Real Name: Dr. H.P. Bloat
Species: Hippo
Identity: Public
Group Affiliation: Sometimes ally to Elephantom and Rhinosferatu.
First Appearance: SIMIAN SQUAD ANNUAL #2.
Quote: “When I count three, you will be my obedient thrall.”
Personality: Mercilous; Prone to fits of blind madness.
Powers & Tactics: Although Hypnopotamus relishes bloodsport, he despises sullying his hands with any physical labor, preferring instead to use his thralls. He enjoys hypnotizing anyone and everyone he can and forcing them to do his bidding, no matter how banal or personal. With his “Army of Slaves” and “Post-Hypnotic Suggestion” powers, he may execute many heists or schemes entirely from a distance. In combat he favors hiding in the background, taking control of an enemy and pitting him against his allies.




Dr. H.P. Bloat was a reknowned hypnotherapist who worked on many important cases in the field including several with the government and the police. One night while working late in his office Dr Bloat was surprised by a disgruntled patient. The patient stabbed Bloat in the head and fled the scene. Dr Bloat miraculously survived the injury but was hospitalized for some time.


As his situation degraded a brain specialist, Dr Capra, was called in (see Psibex). As a last resort Dr Capra used an experimental technique he had developed involving a specially modified sea sponge to replace and reconnect the damaged brain tissue. Bloat’s condition stabilized but he remained in a coma for several days after the procedure.


When Bloat regained consciousness late one night he exhibited psychotic behaviour and tried to break out of the hospital. In his weakened condition he was apprehended by orderlies and hospital security, and Dr Capra was again called in.


During a subsequent interview while Bloat was confined to a hospital bed, the hippo

Awesome Possum VS Hypnopotamus. From "The Hippopotamus Oath" in Barnyard's Finest Comics #20
Awesome Possum VS Hypnopotamus. From “The Hippopotamus Oath” in Barnyard’s Finest Comics #20

manifested overwhelming hypnotic powers and directed Capra to free him. Dr Capra, under Bloat’s influence, informed the hospital that Capra would be taken to his special laboratory in another city, and took Bloat out of the hospital. Bloat then plotted to exact revenge on the patient who had stabbed him, along with a series of mentally controlled pawns and would have succeeded if not for the speedster superhero Go-Rilla, whose alter-ego Stewie Silverback was a friend of Dr Capra. Go-Rilla was suspicious of Capra’s behaviour while the brain surgeon was mentally directed by Dr Bloat, and the superhero thwarted Bloat and had him incarcerated.


Since then, H.P. Bloat’s mental powers have only increased. He escaped prison and has been at large ever since. He has allied himself with Elephantom and even Rhinosferatu in his obsession to explore the limits of evil.

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