Dupligator (click to enlarge)
Dupligator (click to enlarge)
Real Name: Allan Gastrolith 5
Identity: Generally unknown
Group Affiliation: None
Quote: “I’ll do what it takes to save you from yourselves.”
Personality: Obsessed and frustrated but generally rational; Dupligator is anti-establishment but does not believe in torture or killing for his goals. Although Gastrolith has knowledge of advanced technology he refuses to use it as he believes it may influence the timeline, but when it comes to current technology he is an expert.
Powers & Tactics: Dupligator is generally more focused on his objectives than scrapping with heroes, but can be ruthless when cornered. Often he may act as a mastermind, organizing gangs of duplicates from a distance, or turning out duplicate after duplicate in order to confound his enemies and make his escape.
In a dystopian society of the future, Allan Gastrolith will be handed a death sentence for working on a computer virus that, if successful, would sabotage the government. Instead of being vaporized Gastrolith will be given the option of becoming the first test subject for a portal to a “limbo dimension” prison which would, in theory, banish undesirables from society indefinitely.
When Gastrolith refuses the offer, citing it to be a fate worse than death, he learns that it wasn’t so much a request as an order. Gastrolith is put into the machine but finds himself transported not to another dimension but rather backwards in time to the 21st Century. In our era, he found himself in the clutches of the time-obsessed rooster Clock-A-Doodle-Doo who plucked him from the time stream.
Clock-A-Doodle-Do took advantage of Gastrolith’s confusion and subdued the alligator in a stasis field, but both were alarmed when another Gastrolith came out of Clock-A-Doodle-Do’s time device, followed by another and another until scores of Gastroliths overran Clock’s Time Coop. Unable to control the situation Clock-A-Doodle-Do tried to reverse the time stream and send the alligators back, but the device was destroyed in the fracas and Clock was knocked unconscious.
Eventually the confused multiple alligators exited Clock-A-Doodle-Do’s lair and were picked up by the World Wildlife Federation of Justice. With the guidance of Psibex and the Great Wolverini, Gastrolith learned how to assimilate his duplicates into one form and master their release. He vowed to use his powers to make sure that the dystopia he knows as future home never comes to pass, but over time he became frustrated with his inability to make a difference even as a member of the WWFJ. He came to believe that the power systems in place throughout the world were fundamentally flawed and that anarchy was the best hope for the future. This ideology came in conflict with that of his team-mates and he separated from the group, even going so far as to work with Clock-A-Doodle-Do on more than one occasion.

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