Octopussycat (click to enlarge)
Octopussycat (click to enlarge)
Real Name: Catarina Eyeshine
Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: WWFJ
First Appearance: BARNYARD’S FINEST #66
Personality: Rebellious, Blunt
Powers & Tactics: Octopussycat was trained as an assassin and knows the value of surprise and confusion, so she always tries to keep her opponents off-balance. She uses her octopus cloak enhanced with her illusion powers to become virtually invisible and strike quickly and with uncanny accuracy. When she needs to make a quick escape she doesn’t hesitate to complement her concealment cloak with an “ink bomb” (smoke grenade). She can also use her mental powers to manipulate opponents to fear her (or love her as the case may be). She uses her telekinesis to improve her aim, to enhance her punches and kicks, to leap extraordinary distances and to manipulate her cloak as additional limbs. Octopussycat prefers working at night.




Catarina Eyeshine exhibited psychic abilities when she was a kitten, a fact which became known to a clandestine governmental department. Eyeshine was taken from her family and closely studied for years, and would become one of several programmed government assassins groomed by “The Department.”


One of the scientists in The Department became romantically obsessed with Eyeshine as the latter grew into womanhood, despite the fact that neither of them was permitted any kind of social relationship. The scientist, a genius inventor named Mr Checkers, orchestrated their escape from the department and the two of them holed up in an abandoned electric power substation. Unfortunately the scientist kept her just as much a captive in his hideout as the government had. Though physically mature, Eyeshine had not developed emotionally due to The Department’s programming, but her natural intelligence and curiosity prompted her to occasionally sneak away from Checkers and explore the city. These outings led to some cold hard lessons about life on the street with “normal” folk. During one of these outings, Mr Checkers caught up with Eyeshine at the same time that The Department caught up with the both of them. Checkers allowed himself to be captured so that Eyeshine could escape.


Eyeshine wandered the streets living from shelter to shelter and committing petty theft to survive until she finally developed some healthy friendships within the homeless community. One such friendship with an ex-adventure novelist named B. Emma Porkzy inspired her to use her unusual skills to fight for social justice. She finally returned to her old lair where Mr Checkers had been working on several high-tech gadgets. She studied Checkers’ work and soon she had the arsenal she needed to become a costumed vigilante. Basing her motif on one of Porkzy’s characters, she became Octopussycat.


While cleaning up the slum district of dirty cops, pimps and drug lords, she caught the eye of Go-Rilla. When The Department came for Eyeshine once again, it was Go-Rilla who stepped in on behalf of the World Wildlife Federation of Justice to arrange for all ties with The Department to be officially suspended.


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