Martian Marmoset

The Martian Marmoset
The Martian Marmoset

Real Name: unpronounceable

Identity: secret
Group Affiliation: Simian Squad (former)
First Appearance: SIMIAN SQUAD #1
Personality: Stoic, austere, strong sense of duty, curmudgeony, overconfident.
Powers & Tactics: Telepathy, teleportation, ability to slow down metabolism and go into a regenerative stasis indefinitely. Force field and levitation (suit).


The Martian Marmoset was sent by the Martians as their official ambassador. He founded the Simian Squad along with Captain Colobus, the Black Howler and the Savage Spider-Monkey.

Like all Martians, this alien ambassador has the ability to slow down his metabolism and go into a dormant state indefinitely, in which the natural healing process is dramatically increased. Indeed he will regularly go into his “Martian hibernation” from which he can be prematurely roused only with great difficulty. Other natural abilities include his ability to telepathically communicate with any intelligent or semi-intelligent creature. This includes wild critters like fish and insects, although the less intelligent the creature, the less successful the communication.

The Martian Marmoset was chosen from millions of candidates to be the Martian ambassador to Earth, and went through a super-scientific process that would allow him to adapt to the conditions of his new, adopted planet. This process included the ability to teleport. His Martian helmet helps him to focus these abilities, and without it they are markedly less acute.

His Martian suit projects a personal force field around his body, and allows him to levitate. Amazing!

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