Enormouse (click to enlarge)
Enormouse (click to enlarge)
Real Name: Izzy Churchmouse
Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: WWFJ
First Appearance: TWO PAWED TALES #19
Personality: Modest and spiritual; Curious and staunch defender of the suppressed.
Powers & Tactics: Izzy Churchmouse can transform from his unassuming, diminutive everyday identity into the hulking giant that is Enormouse.


Izzy Churchmouse was the youngest son of a pastor for a small suburban community. Against the wishes of his family he left the community and the church to seek his fortune in New Metro City. Unable to hold a steady job, Izzy eventually fell in with a petty marmot thug named Woody Whistlepig who taught him how to survive on the street. Izzy could reconcile the small time burglaries that the two of them perpetrated against ritzy businesses and homes, but when Whistlepig strongarmed Izzy into a violent mugging, the mouse had a change of heart. Resolved to leave the city and go home, Izzy found himself without enough money for bus fare. With the promise of a payout, Whistlepig tricked Izzy into doing a job he claimed was ‘legit.’


That night on the waterfront, Izzy was put on watch while Whistlepig and other goons unloaded a mysterious shipment from a boat. When the Great Wolverini showed up Izzy knew that something was wrong and he quietly abandoned his post and tried to flee the scene. Woody Whistlepig fought the Great Wolverini along with the other thugs but Wolverini easily defeated the criminal gang and in the display of sorcerous might Whistlepig was thrown clear of the scene. Whistepig spotted Izzy retreating towards town and accosted the mouse. Unbeknownst to either they were being watched by Hellhound, the mastermind of the entire operation. While Wolverini was occupied with resolving the situation on the docks Hellhound subdued Izzy and Whistlepig and took them out of sight. Hellhound had seen that Whistlepig had pocketed some of the contraband from the boat, and was furious about the entire botched operation. Hellhound explained that the shipment was enchanted mead made by demonic bees on a secret island. The mead, Hellhound said, was purported to confer infernal powers upon those who drink it. Hellhound induced the two to drink the mead and attack the Great Wolverini. Upon drinking the mead both Izzy and Whistlepig grew into gigantic monsters but even so Wolverini was able to defeat both of them along with Hellhound. Furthermore Wolverini explained that what Hellhound told them was true, except what Hellhound neglected to mention was that in a matter of hours the mead would fatally poison the imbibers. In an effort to save their lives Wolverini brought the two monstrous rodents to the secret castle of Arcane Toad and the two mystics conferred. Together they worked to brew an antidote to the demonic mead and finally at the proverbial eleventh hour the lives of Izzy Churchmouse and Woody Whistlepig were spared.


Awesome Possun gives Enormouse the "hamster ball special" - from "Eye Eye Eye" 2014
Awesome Possum gives Enormouse the “hamster ball special” – from “Eye Eye Eye” 2014
On the supposition that the supernatural essence was depleted from the bodies, the two rodents were sent to prison to pay for their crimes. Unexpectedly, an unrelated ritual performed by the evil Elk Diablo thousands of miles away triggered whatever nascent eldritch powers were left over from their previous experience and the two rodents relapsed again into giant brutes, breaking free from their cells without even trying. Whistlepig, now calling himself the Woolly Marmot, vowed to destroy the prison but Izzy Churchmouse managed to stop and contain the marmot’s rampage. Churchmouse had by this time vowed to be a good citizen and his acts were noted when the Great Wolverini and the rest of the WWFJ were called upon to deal with the two monstrous rodents.


The Woolly Marmot was contained in a special prison for supervillains and Izzy Churchmouse was asked if he’d fill out the rest of his prison term under the observation of Arcane Toad. The esoteric amphibian taught Izzy how to manage his supernatural gigantism – in time Izzy could grow to immense size and shrink down to normal at will. Convinced that the rodent was fully reformed, Arcane Toad let Izzy free on his own recognizance.


Izzy returned for a time to his family and reconciled with them. He decided that although his crimes were pardoned by the law and the WWFJ, his debt to society could only be repaid if he committed to fighting injustice with the means provided him. As such he returned to New Metro City and slowly worked his way to becoming a lawyer, all the while fighting crime under cover of darkness as Enormouse.

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