Real Name: Abdul al-Sab, later changed to Jack L. Calthrop

Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: WWFJ
First Appearance: TWO-PAWED TALES #3.
Personality: In his private life, Jack Calthrop has abandoned his career of acting, but he can never relinquish his charisma and skill as a performer. He is known as the gentleman libertine by some and the vigilante rake by others. He can fast-talk his way in and out of most situations and when that fails he can always rely on his physical prowess.
Powers & Tactics: The application of the mystic Dho-Dho paint has permanently granted Crackerjackal with enhanced strength, endurance, speed and perception. His primary weapon is a standard composite bow which he uses with unparalleled expertise. He also relies on other simple light weapons and tools as required. He is fast becoming an expert computer hacker.


Abdul al-Sab, the most celebrated actor in his desert country, was known as ‘the jackal of a thousand faces.’ Having starred in over 70 films in his native land, al-Sab decided to test the waters of the Western film industry and booked a flight to Tinseltown. His flight was caught in a storm over the ocean and crashed onto a small uncharted island. Al-Sab was the only survivor.
With no survival skills, Al-Sab would have died were it not for the intervention of the native populace. These natives – the Dho-Dho folk – nursed him back to health and accepted him as one of their own.
The Dho-Dhos, who al-Sab noted as incredibly robust and hearty, were also pacifists. They taught al-Sab their spirituality and their mysticism, part of which was a seasonal ceremonial hunt that involved painting themselves with a certain mixture of berries and fungus native to the island. This mystic “joogoo” paint was sacred to the Dho-Dhos, and granted a preternatural strength, stamina, and skill to those who wore it.
Al-Sab had been living with the Dho-Dhos for years when the island was discovered by pirates. The pirates wanted the island for themselves and threatened the peaceful Dho-Dho way of life.
Al-Sab pleaded with the chief Dho-Dho to fight the pirates, but the Dho-Dhos could not bear such a concept and were taken one by one by the pirates to be bartered away on some faraway port as slaves. Al-Sab, incensed, stole into the shaman’s store of joogoo paint and applied the entire supply to his body.
Granted with great swiftness and power Al-Sab used the sacred bow and arrows and engaged the pirates in an attempt to free his friends. Al-Sab killed the pirates and rescued the Dho-Dhos, but the chief could not excuse the jackal for his crimes against their way of life and al-Sab was banished from the tribe.
Al-Sab used the pirate’s boat to return to civilization. Abandoning altogether his previous life and identity, he maintains himself as a computer security specialist by day under the name Jack L. Calthrop, while by night he metes out justice to criminals as Crackerjackal.

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