Awesome Possum

Awesome Possum (click to enlarge)
Awesome Possum (click to enlarge)

Real Name: Clancy O’Possum
Species: opossum

Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: WWFJ
First Appearance:
Personality: Archetypal do-gooder. Sporty (body is his temple). Flaws: Over-confident; show-off. Thinks he’s a real ladies man; Good intentions but not actually terribly bright.
Powers & Tactics: Flight, super strength, invulnerability, sonic attack.


Clancy O’Possum was a firefighter. When a fire broke out at Mesmeroo’s Occult Curios & Espresso Shop, the firefighters had a real job on their paws. O’Possum heard a voice cry out his name from the basement and headed bravely down. There he found the store owner who had succumbed to the smoke, and also a larger-than-life statue carved of strange blue rock, depicting the ancient jackal wizard Thoth-Awsom. As the statue spoke to him time seemed to stand still. The statue told O’Possum that all through history, the spirit of Thoth-Awsom chose a vessel for his power to do right and just things in the world. It said that as long as the opossum upheld the tenets of kindness, honor, and justice, all he had to do was call out the name “AWSOM” and amazing powers would be his to control. With that, the gas main in the building exploded, destroying everything except, of course, Clancy O’Possum.

Awesome Possum in action from "Eye Eye Eye." Colour by Tanya Lehoux.
Awesome Possum in action from “Eye Eye Eye.” Colour by Tanya Lehoux.

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