Welcome the the weird and wonderful World Wildlife Federation of Justice!  Be sure to check out the LINKS!

The World Wildlife Federation of Justice is a fictional setting of anthropomorphic animal superheroes & villains created by me, Toren Atkinson. It’s primarily a comic book but is so much more!

Here is a rough demo animatic for a potential cartoon series intro:

Convention sketch of Rhinosferatu and Hellboy by Mike Mignola


2006: I ran a roleplaying campaign using the WWFJ setting, using a mashup of the Mutants & Masterminds and Spaceship Zero game rules (both published by Green Ronin Publishing) (Chris Stewart came up with the name for the World Wildlife Federation of Justice.)

2008: “The Ominous Origin of Rhinosferatu” was published in a graphic novel anthology called “Historyonics” published by Cloudscape Comics. Click on this link to see a sample: [pending]

2009: (April) “Mid-Afternoon of the Living Dead” featuring Go-Rilla and Elk Diablo was published in the Cloudscape Comics’ “Funday Sunnies” anthology and Panels for Primates.

2011: Ten unique trading cards are created for the Chicagoland Entertainment Expo. Includes BABOOM! Go-Rilla, Hypnopotamus, Haardvark, Shockatiel, Salamancer, Tarmadillo and more.

The WWFJ Comic Fundraiser exceeds it’s target! A call is put out for donations to fund the production of a 9-page story penned by Bongo Comics writer Ian “Futurama” Boothby.

2014: “Eye Eye Eye” written by Ian Boothby is printed in the comic anthology Mega-Fauna, by Cloudscape Comics. Read it in full on the Publications Page!

2015: Animatic demo for the cartoon series pitch goes live on youtube. Watch it here!

Awesome Possum VS Hypnopotamus. From "The Hippopotamus Oath" in Barnyard's Finest Comics #20
Awesome Possum VS Hypnopotamus. From “The Hippopotamus Oath” in Barnyard’s Finest Comics #20

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  1. Great stuff here. I’ve always loved the anthro animal superhero genre since I picked up my first garage sale copy of Captain Carrot. Then there was Cutey Bunny in my teens. Usagi Yo Jimbo and Albedo Anthropomorphics were also big and of course there was TMNT!

    I love the artwork I’m seeing on the WWFJ and am thrilled to see it being moved into the realm of RPGs. Though I do not play Mutants and Masterminds I may just have to pick up the book for the art and stats. any chance you might team up with other possible game systems like ICONS?


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