Real Name: Nicolaas
Species: Rhinoceros
Identity: Known
Group affiliation: None
Quote: “I can feed on the blood of a lesser creature, but stand in my way I will take yours.” Personality: Brooding
Powers & Tactics: Mesmerize, confuse, and attack from surprise. Rhinosferatu, though heartless, is wise and patient. He won’t hesitate to flee if a battle is not being fought on his terms.


The creature that would become Rhinosferatu was born centuries ago. Known as Nicolaas in the 12th century, he was a knight in the crusades against the Ottomanatee Empire. His squad of soldiers found themselves in an old village overlooked by a heathen temple. Nicolaas and his crocodile ally were the first to explore the temple on the hill, not realizing that it contained an ancient vampire bat. The bat quickly dispatched Nicolaas’ ally and chased the rhino deeper into the temple, the encounter culminating in a fight with sword and fang. A tremendous fall left the vampire bat impaled on a huge wooden fragment, but the bat’s legacy was to live on in Nicolaas, who had been bitten in the melee. Nicolaas realized he could not leave the temple during the day, and as the rest of his company investigated the disappearance of their fellows in the temple they were in turn dispatched by Rhinosferatu. As night fell he abandoned the village and returned to the East, preying on helpless animals along the way to sate his dark hunger.
Over the years Rhinosferatu accumulated vast riches and power. In his peak he commanded his own small army – or large cult – of followers, and ruled several communities on the continent. Inevitably, at some point, his force would be routed by larger kingdoms and Rhinosferatu would be forced into hiding or to flee altogether to begin anew his malevolent demesne.
In present times Rhinosferatu continues his campaign for power. He maintains a small cadre of acolytes which he rewards with riches, revenge, and the promise of immortality, though he has yet to follow through with the latter. Rhinosferatu yearns to rule over a kingdom where he need not skulk in the shadows hiding from the powers that be. All he truly desires is peace, great mansions, and an unending supply of fat young commoners upon which to feed. He does not seek altercations with the superhero community but his very nature brings him in conflict with the few beings that can face him toe to hoof.

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