wwfj-fight-96dpi-11x17Welcome the the weird and wonderful World Wildlife Federation of Justice!  Be sure to check out the LINKS!

The World Wildlife Federation of Justice is a fictional setting of anthropomorphic animal superheroes & villains created by me, Toren Atkinson. It’s primarily a comic book but is so much more!

Here is a rough demo animatic for a potential cartoon series intro:

Convention sketch of Rhinosferatu and Hellboy by Mike Mignola


2006: I ran a roleplaying campaign using the WWFJ setting, using a mashup of the Mutants & Masterminds and Spaceship Zero game rules (both published by Green Ronin Publishing) (Chris Stewart came up with the name for the World Wildlife Federation of Justice.)

2008: “The Ominous Origin of Rhinosferatu” was published in a graphic novel anthology called “Historyonics” published by Cloudscape Comics. Click on this link to see a sample: http://www.thickets.net/toren/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/rhinosferatu-p3-100dpi.png



2009: (April) “Mid-Afternoon of the Living Dead” featuring Go-Rilla and Elk Diablo was published in the Cloudscape Comics’ “Funday Sunnies” anthology and Panels for Primates. UPDATE: You can now read the entire story at http://act-i-vate.com/114-34-1.comic

2011: Ten unique trading cards are created for the Chicagoland Entertainment Expo. Click HERE to see the entire set, featuring BABOOM! Go-Rilla, Hypnopotamus, Haardvark, Shockatiel, Salamancer, Tarmadillo and more.

"The Hypopotamus Oath" (Hypnopotamus vs Awesome Possum). Click to embiggen.

“The Hippopotamus Oath” (Hypnopotamus vs Awesome Possum). Click to embiggen.

The WWFJ Comic Fundraiser exceeds it’s target! A call is put out for donations to fund the production of a 9-page story penned by Bongo Comics writer Ian “Futurama” Boothby.

2014: “Eye Eye Eye” written by Ian Boothby is printed in the comic anthology Mega-Fauna, by Cloudscape Comics.

2015: Animatic demo for the cartoon series pitch goes live on youtube

"Eye Eye Eye" page 2

“Eye Eye Eye” page 2